Keeping up with the pressing market requirement of enhanced customer experience, almost every business right now is looking for consolidated cloud solutions to digitalize their processes. In this quest, ServiceNow has already earned the moniker of one of the most sought after enterprise cloud platform for automating workflows and provisioning application awareness. Although ServiceNow offers a solid foundation for incorporating digital workflows, introducing the change amidst pressing deadlines and a growing list of priorities can feel overwhelming for business leaders.

Helping these leaders, the company that assists ineffective implementation of ServiceNow cloud solutions is nuvolax. Founded and headquartered in Germany, nuvolax is a manufacturer-independent IT consulting and service company, and ServiceNow partner that has been successfully operating across Europe, Latin America, and Australia. „While ServiceNow has built the cloud platform, we help businesses build sumen on top of it,“ comments Markus Müller, founder and CEO of nuvolax.

Today, businesses are constantly seeking the best consulting services to leverage the power of ServiceNow cloud products and go ‚live‘ with their digitalized business processes within shorter timelines. Catering to this growing market demand, nuvolax cements its cornerstone as ServiceNow specialists that accompany an organization from the initial consultation and analysis to the successful implementation of the ServiceNow cloud suite.

nuvolax’s consultative approach begins by arranging workshops for their clients to understand the needs and align those requirements with international best practices and standards for enterprise service management including IT service management (ITSM) based on the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework. nuvolax offers extensive guidance to help its clients in these areas before implementing the ServiceNow cloud suite to achieve business excellence.

„We understand that changing a business process requires a fine meshwork of the HR, finance, and IT operations teams along with IT service management teams to bring different requirements and ideas together. Our primary efforts, therefore, remain at demystifying all those complex processes for our clients and bring forth a successful ServiceNow cloud platform implementation,“ comments Müller. Based on the highlights of the initial discussion with the client, nuvolax then offers close collaboration and external review of clients‘ business processes to gain a 36o-degree view of the situation. To achieve this, nuvolax, unlike other consultants, appoints a process specialist in addition to a traditional implementation specialist to supervise the implementation steps.

‚While ServiceNow has built the cloud platform, we help businesses build success on top of it‘

Markus Müller, CEO nuvolax

„Having a process specialist to support and guide the implementation specialist helps add more efficiency in the implementation of ServiceNow cloud products,“ explains Müller.

As an experienced ServiceNow partner, nuvolax extends its helping hand to a myriad of business verticals like automotive, retail, manufacturing, insurance, along with public sectors. Offering an insight into the types of engagement nuvolax has had over the years, Müller also narrates one of its partnerships with the municipal council of a city in Germany. Before the partnership, the citizens had to request a multitude of municipal services over phone calls or on site. However, given the complicated and aging workflow, the citizens had no means of knowing when their requested services will be performed. To offer a clear view of the serrices, the municipal council planned to consolidate all its services on the ServiceNow cloud platform. nuvolax helped the city council in finalizing the core services and then incorporate those defined processes into ServiceNow with the provision of adding more services in the years to come. „We built a framework for the municipal council around ServiceNow cloud products to move their services online and enhance the user experience for the citizens,“ recounts Müller.

In all similar use cases, the deciding factor for nuvolax’s success has been its association with ServiceNow from a user’s perspective. Being a ServiceNow client themselves, nuvolax can relate to the complicacies first-hand, which helps the company cater to the specific needs of its clients. „We make sure that our partnerships are mutually successful,“ adds Müller. Aiming for this mutualistic relationship has helped nuvolax maintain a retention rate of over 90 percent from the very beginning of its journey. Following the same principle, nuvolax plans to grow its team in the coming months to expand its global presence while continuing to make each implementation engagement a testament of its prowess in the domain.